A Weekend of Travels
Fri Dec 08 2017 11:22 AM
David Williams
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David Williams

Dec 19 2011
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First I'll be travelling home later today, thats Llanelli(South Wales) to Rhosgadfan (North Wales)

Second, Saturday, going on the santa train from Dinas, in the Morning and then in the evening going to Preston for the night.

Third, Sunday, Preston to Edinburgh to collect an Mac Book Pro, then Edinburgh to Rhosgadfan.

Fourth, Monday, earlt AM leave to return to Llanelli from Rhosgadfan.

Reckon my backside and the drivers seat of the Landy are going to be good friends by 8 am Monday morning...


Did I mention its very snowy.....

I am not a complete idiot -- some bits are missing
A Weekend of Travels
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